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Signature Card Services Is Now Signature Payments!
To protect our team members during this time, most of our support staff are working remotely.
Our support telephone lines are up and running, but for faster service you can email us at

payments 360

Payments 360°

Merchant Accounts

Our low-cost, fast, and secure merchant accounts for any business type and size come with our uncompromising personalized service.

Equipment & Gateway

Choose from a full range of equipment and gateway solutions that are best suited for your business.

Payment Products

Your customers won’t always pay with credit cards, so we have a selection of products that help you get paid your clients’ way.

Security Solutions

We deploy the most advanced technology and employ top talent to manage data security and to monitor, recognize, and fight fraud.

Merchant Cash Advance

Fund your business projects by converting your future credit card sales into cash.

Consumer Analytics

Our free business intelligence tool gives you detailed data on your most valuable customers so you can attract more of them and grow your business.

why signature?

A free chip card terminal to help you with the liability shift

Low rates to save you money

Free online reporting to simplify your bookkeeping

ETA certified payment professional staff to support you whenever you need it

Next-day deposits to put cash promptly in your hands

Breach protection insurance to cover you in case of a compromise

Free big data tool to drive more business your way


we welcome every business type

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In Store

We get it. You’ve got a business to run, people to deal with, goods to sell, and money to make. That’s why we’re here. We’ll make it easy for you to accept major credit cards in person with our smooth, quick, and dependable solutions. We’ll even set you up with a free EMV-compliant terminal.

Low Rates

Fast Deposits

Free EMV Terminal

Free Customer Analytics

Free Online Reporting


Accepting credit cards online with Signature is cost-effective, secure, and convenient. With 24-hour customer service, fast funding, personalized account support, and industry-leading rates, you won’t need to look any further for your ecommerce processing solution.

Signature Card Services also offers a variety of processing options for merchants who sell in the Mail/Telephone Order setting.

Low Rates

Fast Deposits

Seamless Gateway Integration

Secure Processing

Proven Chargeback Reduction System

Free Customer Analytics

Free Online Reporting

application iphone

application iphone

On The Go

Wherever your business takes you, we’ll follow. Our mobile solutions let you get paid on-the-go through wireless credit card terminals, tablets, and smartphones.

Low Rates

Fast Deposits

Free Online Reporting

Secure Processing

Free Customer Analytics

How to get started

Do Your Research

Do Your Research

With so many options on the market today, how do you figure out which credit card processing company is best for you? Here are a few tips to help you with your decision:

Think about your industry and make sure your prospective vendor can accommodate a business of your size and type.

Check how long it takes for your money to show up in your account. Deposit speeds vary from processor to processor, so factoring wait time in is critical for your cash flow.

Pay attention to the price. Remember, flat fees are simple and appealing, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most economical.


Get a Quote

Ask each prospective processor for a detailed quote. As for us, we offer a free, no-obligation, and no-pressure savings analysis. All you have to do is fill out a quick form and we’ll create a competitive, custom price to fit your business and company size.

Get an Account

Is Signature the one for you? We would like to think so and we’ll get you started when you’re ready. Our setup process is fast and easy and you’ll be able to take credit cards in no time. Contact us and one of our friendly team members will get you up and running in the blink of an eye.


Start Taking Credit Cards

Now that you can accept major credit cards, we’ll help you turn your business into the successful venture you’ve been dreaming of. With Signature, you’ll get paid with ease, speed, and convenience, and, you can capitalize on the power of the built-in consumer data that provides customer insights to take your business to new heights.


Just like you, we run a business, and we know the importance of income. That’s why we’re making it a little easier for you to get paid. Since 1997, we’ve helped thousands of businesses of all types and sizes accept credit cards easily, while keeping it affordable, secure, and reliable.

Today, where most everyone uses automated phone systems and email, we still like the old-school way of keeping things personal - you'll talk to a smart, hardworking, and friendly person every time you call us. We do appreciate modern technology though, and bring you forward-looking payment solutions when they first become available.

From business analytics to the latest fraud control technologies, we handpick tools that help your business perform its best. After all, for us, it’s all about supporting your growth and watching you succeed.


Behind every smooth-running, successful company is a group of hard-working individuals who team up to create an outstanding product and deliver exceptional service. We are that team.

We may be one of many companies in the payments industry, but we are one of the few with nearly two decades of experience in our line of business. Many of our team members have been working in payments for a long time, giving us the upper hand when it comes to knowledge of payments and understanding a merchant's business needs. So when you need help, we’ve got your back and you can always count on a friendly and skilled customer service representative to be there for you to guide you every step of the way.

Beyond the world of payments, we’re a very diverse group of folks- we’re fitness lovers, foodies, sports enthusiasts, actors, vegans, martial artists, bookworms, tech geeks, and adventurers. We also speak several languages including Armenian, Cantonese, Farsi, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

we are loved


"As an owner of a fast-paced business, it was important for me to select a merchant services provider dedicated to great customer service and support, while also providing competitive rates. With Signature I get the best of both worlds - a great deal, and phenomenal customer service, which is very rare these days with credit card processors."

Mike Hitt, Owner, Bungalow Salon


"Signature Card Services has a great understanding of what a home inspector needs when it comes to credit card processing. Based on how we process credit card transactions, Signature set up the merchant account for us in a cost-effective way and saved us a considerable amount of money on processing fees, and we have continued to save $200-$500 monthly, depending on our volume."

Sherri Troutman, VP, Certainty Home Inspections


"Signature Card Services is outstanding. When I call, I always get to speak to a live person and the staff is knowledgeable and eager to help. My questions get answered and my problems get resolved, fast! Not only do I receive all the support I need as a business owner, but I also save money and get paid on time, every time."

David Wood, President, Out In Public Marketing, Inc.


“On a scale from 1 to 10, I give Signature Card Services a 10+! I have been a client of Signature Card Services for over 18 years, since they first opened their doors. The service is amazing, every time I call with a serious problem or issue, they respond with kindness and a readiness to help me get the solution I need. They are the best and I would never change companies!”

Ruth Malka, Owner, Ruth’s Skin Care


“Signature Card Services is a very reliable partner, and I have been extremely satisfied with the service they provide. Everyone at Signature Card Services I have come in contact with is friendly and honest. My rep, Tina Penn, is very supportive and goes out of her way to help us. I have so much trust in my rep and in Signature Card Services as a whole that I will not be taking my merchant account anywhere else.”

Roberto Zucchi, Owner, Lady Chocolatt


“I’ve been processing with Signature since 2015. I chose Signature Card Services over the competition because their solutions integrate easily with my cloud-based, payment software solution. On top of that, the staff is always there for me and everyone is easy to work and communicate with. In fact, I like working with Signature so much that I’ve sent several friends with businesses their way!”

Keisha Mackie, Owner, KMC Exclusives, LLP

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