Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

Better than a traditional business loan, Merchant Cash Advance is fast, simple, and without any complicated paperwork. Merchant Cash Advance allows you to convert your future credit card sales into cash in as few as 10 days! Cash Advance can be used to purchase new equipment, inventory, to buy seasonal merchandise, to expand and remodel, to pay off debt/taxes, or as emergency funding. 

Applying is easy and the benefits are great: 

No personal guarantees

No collateral pledge on merchant's home or business 

No liens

No points

No fixed payment schedule

No impact on merchant's ability to qualify for other financing

No business use restrictions on the funding 

No hassles - quick application & fast funding 


The Merchant Cash Advance Program is ideal for businesses that might not want, or cannot qualify for a traditional loan. By basing the funding amount you qualify for on the volume of your credit card or gross sales, the Merchant Cash Advance program allows us to convert your future credit card receivables into the immediate capital you need.

Whether the funds are needed to expand, renovate, or simply reduce debt, access to capital can empower your business to thrive, and the Merchant Cash Advance Program can be the source of that success.  


Premium Merchant Cash Advance

Compared to our Starter Merchant Cash Advance Program, our Premium Program offers businesses a lower cost per funding option. Business owners in good credit standing with a minimum of 3 years in business can take advantage of this cost-effective financing solution.

Starter Merchant Cash Advance

We offer greater financial support to new businesses with the Starter Advance Program. Businesses with as little as 3 months of credit card processing can receive funding that is up to 50% of their average monthly volume. Once completely repaid, you can qualify to receive more capital at even better terms.   


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