Apply here for a merchant account for your business, and you could start accepting credit cards as early as today! There are 3 ways to start the process:

Complete application and send it via
fax or email

The fastest way to a merchant account! Simply download and print the PDF Merchant Agreement and Application forms. Complete, sign and then fax the agreement and supporting documents to Signature Card Services at 323-966-0056 or 323-966-0062, or email to Include a voided business check, and a driver's license copy with your application. Once we have your documents, we will contact you within 24 hours.

For a monthly processing volume of
$75,000 or less, please include:

  1. A completed and signed application
  2. A copy of your driver's license
  3. A voided check for the account into which you would like your funds deposited
  4. Three months of consecutive merchant processing statements, if applicable. (If you have no previous experience with acceptance of credit cards, you may disregard)
  5. A copy of your business license

For a monthly processing volume of
more than $75,000 please include:

  1. All items in the checklist above
  2. The most current, signed and dated business financial statement (balance sheet and profit/loss), OR current personal financial statement, signed and dated, for each principal applying
  3. Previous three months of merchant business banking statements, if available
  4. Previous two years of personal income tax returns for each principal applying, OR previous two years of business tax returns

Contact us for more information

Let us walk you through the approval process step-by-step and help you put the application package together. To get in touch with one of our representatives, call toll-free (888) 334-2284 or email

Request that we contact you

Complete the questionnaire below and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Our representative will contact you within 24 hours.

We look forward to providing you with an affordable merchant account!

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