Signature Card Services offers a wide variety of custom payment solutions and technologies – so many, in fact, that we can't list them all here. If you don't see what you need below, give us a call or email us. Chances are, we offer exactly what you need.

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eCommerce Solutions: gateway, shopping cart, web design & hosting

Just like a merchant account, a gateway is an integral part of any eCommerce transaction. Gateway applications facilitate a transfer of information between your website and a bank, and play a critical role in making transactions safe, simple and fast. Signature's gateway solutions are affordable, easy and secure, and integration between your merchant account and these solutions is a breeze.

We also offer a variety of shopping cart solutions, impactful web design, and affordable and reliable hosting services to accommodate all your eCommerce needs.

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Equipment/Credit Card Terminals

Providing a full range of POS terminals, peripherals and supplies, and designed to save both time and money while helping you make the most of consumer preferences, Signature Card Services will help you find the right terminal to operate successfully at your points-of-sale, wherever they may be. We provide you with the option to get a free terminal, or to lease or purchase various terminals and peripherals.

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Mobile Payments

Our mobile payment solutions will turn your cell phone into a "sell" phone. This solution is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and customers who run their operation from outside the "four walls." We have two unique options for the business owner who is on-the-go:

Browser-Based Version
Hi, I'm a bullet. Credit card processing via keyed transactions only – no hardware required
Hi, I'm a bullet. Available on any mobile phone or smartphone with a browser and a data plan
Hi, I'm a bullet. Uses a browser-based application
Hi, I'm a bullet. Highly secure – you do not store any cardholder data

Full Downloadable Application Version
You use your existing mobile phone as a full-featured processing terminal substitute! You can add a printer and/or a card swiper to your cell phone for a fraction of the cost of a traditional wireless terminal.

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Staying current with mobile trends is essential in today's market. Perhaps you have already recognized the power of mobile technology and have a mobile strategy as part of your marketing roadmap.

Signature Card Services can help you extend your internet presence to mobile. With Signature Card Services' mobile commerce solution, your customers can browse and purchase products on their cell phones through a mobile-optimized version of your website. Customer experience is enjoyable and effortless, and a consumer on any device can connect to your mobile website, and access all your products and services, anytime, anywhere. Our single-click mobile checkout process gives your customers the best possible user experience.

The use of mobile web will optimize your marketing dollars through creative outreach of your audience with advertising of special events and promotions, couponing and store locators with map and GPS integration.

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Gift Card/Loyalty Program

Gift and loyalty cards have become a powerful sales, marketing and retention tool for merchants. By participating in Signature's gift/loyalty card program, we enable you to take advantage of these great benefits:

Hi, I'm a bullet. Increased cash flow

Hi, I'm a bullet. Cards have no value until activated, and because they are plastic and not paper, they are difficult to counterfeit

Hi, I'm a bullet. Consumers often spend more than the card's initial value

Hi, I'm a bullet. You retain float on the funds for an average of 90 days

Hi, I'm a bullet. Using promotional gift cards as a marketing tool is less expensive than using advertising space - great return on investment

Hi, I'm a bullet. Everybody wants gift cards. Our program makes it easy for you to fill client demand

Hi, I'm a bullet. Increased store traffic - gift card holders make multiple visits

Hi, I'm a bullet. No "back room" accounting

For more information about our gift card and loyalty program, please call 888-334-2284 or email

Merchant Cash Advance

Better than a business loan, merchant cash advances are completely unsecured, fast, simple, and without any complicated paperwork. Merchant Cash Advance allows you to convert your future credit card sales into cash in as few as 10 days! Cash Advance can be used to purchase new equipment, inventory, to buy seasonal merchandise, to expand and remodel, to pay off debt/taxes, or as emergency funding.

Applying is easy and the benefits are great:

Hi, I'm a bullet. no personal guarantees

Hi, I'm a bullet. no collateral pledge on merchant's home or business

Hi, I'm a bullet. no liens

Hi, I'm a bullet. no points

Hi, I'm a bullet. no fixed payment schedule

Hi, I'm a bullet. no impact on merchant's ability to qualify for other financing

Hi, I'm a bullet. no business use restrictions on the funding

Hi, I'm a bullet. no hassles - quick application & fast funding

For more information about our merchant cash advance program, please call 888-334-2284 or email

Multi-Currency Processing

Multi-Currency Conversion enables you and your customers to transact in their own currencies, at guaranteed prices. We simplify the complex procedures and eliminate the foreign exchange risks that are associated with foreign currency management.

We offer a comprehensive suite of credit/debit card processing in cooperation with several major European, American and Asian banks. We have the capability to accept more than 150 currencies and offer very competitive rates and worldwide deployment. All credit/debit card transactions are processed through a secure, PCI-compliant SSL connection.

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Alternative Payment Solutions (eCommerce)

Why not accept payments from consumers that do not have or want to use a credit card? We accept more than 15 proven alternative payment solutions like China Debit, DirectPay EU, EuroDebit, iDEAL, Korean Debit, PagosBancarios, etc and accommodate all your foreign traffic by adding only one button to your billing page! Alternative Payments can increase sales up to 30% or more and extend your target market automatically. The set up is easy and free.

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Cash Payments (eCommerce)

In addition to your credit card and alternative payment processing, you can effortlessly accept cash payments, and thus monetize a much larger audience. When your site accepts cash, more consumers accept you.

The cash payment option opens doors to advantages unavailable with any other payment processing:

Hi, I'm a bullet. Clients stay anonymous

Hi, I'm a bullet. Declined transactions won't result in losing the customer (great cascading solution and economical, too)

Hi, I'm a bullet. Unbanked customers can now be serviced. You have absolutely no chargeback risk and liability. Because the payments are processed in cash, you and your customers are fully protected

Hi, I'm a bullet. These payment solutions can apply to your mobile applications

Integration can happen in less than 5 minutes and the process is simple for you and for your customers. They'll make a deposit at one of over 10,000 banking locations across the U.S. All your customers need to do is to create an account, find a bank near them (the information is conveniently provided), confirm their information, then purchase products and services online. And for you, it is as simple as adding a button to your billing page.

For more information about online cash payments, please call 888-334-2284 or email

Electronic Check Processing

Electronic Check Processing enables your business to accept and process checks similar to the way you process credit cards. You deposit all paper checks electronically and avoid trips to the bank. Electronic Check Conversion converts a paper-based check to an electronic transaction at the point-of-sale. The check information is then transmitted via electronic equipment to a national verification database where it is evaluated against negative information. Within seconds a response is sent back, a receipt is generated and the customer signs it, thereby authorizing the electronic collection of funds to your company. Very similar to a credit card transaction, the transaction deposits are routed to your checking account within 48 to 72 hours.

The check conversion process not only processes the check electronically, allowing you to forego trips to the bank, but it also guarantees the approved transactions. With this program you simply accept the checks and the check conversion program does the rest!

We also offer a "PayDay Express Plus" program that allows you to stretch out customer's payments over 90 days in 30-day intervals.

For more information about our check processing programs, please call 888-334-2284 or email

Big Data

Do you know who your best customers are? Now, you can identify, find, target, and keep the right customers with Tranzlogic.

For more information about our Big Data tool, please call 800-631-3072 or visit