Whether it’s protecting you from fraud or safeguarding your client’s data, Signature takes security very seriously. We deploy the most advanced technology and employ top talent to manage data security and to monitor, recognize, and fight fraud.

Fraud is getting smarter, more sophisticated, and systemized, but our risk team knows exactly how to protect your business from losses – both financial and reputational – and how to minimize your exposure to fraud and data compromises. Regardless of the credit card acceptance method you are using, we can assist you in managing data and privacy protection, as well as the risks associated with credit card processing.


PCI Compliance & Breach Protection

Data security starts with us. As a company, we adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We are Level 1 PCI Compliant. That means that we are secure from head to toe – our data, networks, servers, and offices are kept in full compliance with the most current data security requirements.

As you know, PCI DSS mandates merchants to take all reasonable precautions to reduce credit card fraud and prevent security breaches. It’s your job to stay on top of your PCI compliance, but you can always count on Signature to lend you our skills and resources to help you handle cardholder data safely.

Although the chances of a breach are low, in the event that one does occur, we have your back with our breach protection insurance program – the PCI Protection Plan – that substantially lowers the risk of money loss in the event that security is compromised and there’s a potential or actual breach of credit card data. The Breach Protection Plan is available to qualified merchants.

Chargeback management

In most cases, chargebacks occur when a customer refuses to honor a credit card charge. When that happens, it can result in lost revenue and fees to top it off. Merchants with a high level of chargebacks may receive additional penalties, be subjected to tedious paperwork, and run the risk of losing processing privileges altogether. Naturally, no merchant wants to be trapped in this scenario, and we’re here to keep you out of trouble. We’ll help you master the art of chargeback prevention before they even take place. Equipped with our best practices and by maintaining discipline throughout your organization, you can significantly minimize potential chargebacks.

Of course, chargebacks can’t be completely avoided. It is possible, however, to manage them effectively. With Signature’s chargeback management program, you’ll be able to present your case and represent and dispute chargebacks.



Already adopted around the world, EMV/chip cards have arrived in the United States. Developed by Europay, MasterCard, and VISA, EMV is a fraud-resistant standard that is designed to replace magnetic stripe authentication for point-of-sale transactions. Chip cards are much more difficult to counterfeit than magnetic stripe cards, making EMV technology the most secure way to pay in transactions where a credit card is present. With the US accounting for nearly half of the world’s credit card fraud, the transition to chip card technology is an important step in preventing fraud in card-present transactions.

Signature does its part in supporting this transition by helping merchants migrate to EMV effortlessly. Taking chip cards can’t be any easier- we provide our merchants with relevant education and training, and make the migration affordable by giving away a brand new, free chip card terminal when you open a new merchant account with us.



Data privacy and security

The reputational and financial consequences of a data compromise could be devastating to any business. We believe that awareness and education on best practices create a solid foundation for your data security and privacy management. We help our merchants understand information privacy requirements, assess deficiencies in their security and privacy position, and guide them on how to address risk areas and achieve regulatory compliance.

Robust processing monitoring

In an effort to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fraud prevention management, we constantly update our security requirements to address current trends and give you the knowledge and tools you need to protect your business from losses.

Our Risk Team has years of experience in assisting merchants in protecting their businesses from losses associated with accepting credit cards. We monitor your processing in real-time and stop fraud before it takes place by using programs that analyze credit card transactions as they occur. This allows us to detect and investigate any suspicious activity before fraud takes place.


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